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Cosmos Creative SMO Services is organized across key platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We have also developed core competencies in areas such as viral marketing, social bookmarking and spreading the word through online PR.
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Social Media & Content Marketing

New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.


The past few years have already seen the growing clout of Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube in the digital marketing ecosphere. This exponential growth rate is only bound to increase in the decade to come. Brands, big and small have been clambering onto the Social Media bandwagon with increasing frequency. However, merely having a fan page or a twitter account is not enough. With over a billion people logging onto the Social Web every day, a brand needs to be a little more cohesive in its approach.


Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Cosmos Creative Services provides assistance and guidance to brands that need a helping hand as they connect with fans in the social space. Our Social Media Marketing team is a one-stop-shop for any social media request. There are many firms that believe in having solution templates that they deploy across clients. However, we firmly believe that every client and their requirements are unique. This is why, our solutions are always deployed in the form of a thoroughly thought out strategy, and leveraged across multiple social media, in a unified manner.


Whether you are that promising business located in a quaint little by-lane or a large organization with operations in multiple cities, we can help you connect better with people in the social media space. Our SMO Services can be deployed across key platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We have also developed core competencies in areas such as viral marketing, social bookmarking and spreading the word through online PR.


Some of the key steps in our Facebook Marketing approach are listed below:

  • Assessing and recommending the category under which a brand identity is to be established on Facebook
  • Hosting dedicated brand pages that feature bespoke design elements and customized landing tabs
  • Building fan interaction through crisp, informative posts on a regular basis
  • Holding exciting contests, polls, quizzes, questions, etc. to engage fans and improve the brand connect with them
  • Uploading appropriate videos, that support and reinforce the brand image, on the page
  • Leveraging the power of ‘Facebook Events’ and organizing regular interactive sessions amongst fans and the brand
  • Encouraging existing fans to recommend the brand among their peer group through ,multiple ways, in a bid to improve the fan base
  • Welcoming fans to share their sentiments, suggestions and thoughts about the brand and its activities
  • Actively responding to the queries and acknowledging suggestions to help strengthen the relationship between the brand and its fans

You could read more on the same, by following this link (Facebook Marketing). Another great alternative would be to reach out to us through our ‘Contact Us’ Page and schedule an appointment for detailed discussions with our expert team.


We also assist brands in leveraging themselves across the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Some of the core steps in our approach are:

  • Creating lively profiles and keeping them up-to-date with detailed bio’s and descriptions
  • Encouraging people to become loyal followers of the brand
  • Tracking brand mentions and responding to them as per client guidelines
  • Identifying relevant niche’ for the brand and driving up interest, through trending topics and hash-tags
  • Creating and sharing of relevant content with brand followers on a regular basis
  • Increasing brand awareness through regular contests and sweepstakes
  • Amplifying positive feedback about the brand and addressing concerns raised by fans

To read more, kindly follow the link (Twitter Marketing). You could also reach out to us through our ‘Contact Us’ Page and schedule an appointment for detailed discussions with our expert team.


Word-of-mouth publicity and personal recommendations are playing increasingly significant roles in our brand choices. The proliferation of web-enabled, hand-held devices is only going to drive up this demand. Those that choose to become a part of this exciting growth phase shall continue to derive rich benefits, while the others get left behind. Thus, Social Media Marketing is expected to exert a greater influence over brand performance in the future.


To find out how your brand can come out on top of the competition, Contact Us today!


Content Creation

Content that is both, valuable as well as informative to the targeted readers, is a valuable asset to have for a brand. A company that has just brought out a white-paper on a particular topic makes it available to site visitors. The condition for such an exchange is that the visitor submits their email address to them, together with the permission to be contacted in the future. This is a classic example of Content Marketing.


Simply put, Content Marketing aims to attract prospective customers through the creation and distribution of relevant information. It then goes about converting these prospects into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates in a self-propagating chain-reaction. Unlike a sales pitch that focuses on closing the deal in a single move; Content Marketing is used to create lasting engagement among consumers. Such a move opens up multiple opportunities to strengthen the brand connect with the consumer over a significant period of time. Thus, Content Marketing is unlike conventional marketing approaches that prefer to interrupt rather than building a bond with consumers. It achieves this goal by enticing the consumer with targeted information of high quality that seeks to engage and generate positive reactions towards the brand.


At Cosmos Creatives, we offer a wide range of benefits to Brands as part of our SEO Content Marketing services. These include:

  • Targeted articles containing subtle references that entice readers to the brand, through carefully selected keywords
  • Content Reviews on existing site
  • Content Creation for upcoming websites
  • Develop and maintain blogs on behalf of clients
  • Proof Reading services

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