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Get Organic & ethical SEO services in Dubai with Top notch SEO Agency of UAE. We provide a complete SEO services solution for all your online marketing requirements.
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Search Engine Optimization

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.” – John M


The twin aims of any business are to maximize its revenue and profits. A key element towards achieving this is visitor traffic on a website. For a business to achieve these goals, their customers or clients must first, know that the business exists, in the first place. But, it is not enough for a visitor to simply know that a particular business exists.


They must also be able to locate and access it, with relative ease. Else, customers will simply head over to the next available alternative. Things are no different in the digital space. It has been observed that over 2/3’rds of the total visitors on a search engine site; prefer to visit only the top three search results.


Achieving this top ranking involves continuous investments in terms of resources, specially formulated strategies and time for a business to be successful at it. Cosmos Creative Services is a Dubai, UAE based web-solutions company armed with a dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team. We firmly believe that the most effective way to deliver results is through a multi-level approach. This is why, when clients contact us with their requirements, we evaluate them from the twin perspectives of On-Site as well as Off-Site optimization.


On-Site Optimization

This refers to a targeted process by which, the content on a website is systematically overhauled. It is done with the intention of making the site more search-engine friendly. For a more detailed understanding, simply follow this link


Off-Site Optimization

This offshoot of SEO, takes a broader approach to improving a site’s chances of being recognized by search engines. Off-Site promotions include all such methods that are used to generate and direct traffic, through content that is showcased across various digital platforms. For a more detailed understanding, simply follow this link